Severe Thunderstorms

Winds can get up to 58 mph. There can be 40,000 thunderstorms around the world each day but they mostly form in the US. Only 10% of thunderstorms are counted as severe. They can cause tornadoes, hail, and floods. There is an estimated 16 million thunderstorms each year. It is only called severe when there is an inch of hail or greater or a tornado.

How severe thunderstorms are created

Thunderstorms are created by moisture and unstable air with air lift. The moisture is what forms the clouds and rain. The unstable air has to be warm and has to be able to rise quickly. A cumulonimbus cloud is also required to make  a thunderstorm. Severe thunderstorms usually produce tornadoes, hail, gusty winds, and heavy rain.

Historical Example

The Barneveld tornado was formed from a thunderstorm. The town was destroyed and so were houses and means of transportation. This meant families couldn’t get anywhere easily. This also meant families were homeless and had no place to get food from. This left many families homeless. The Barneveld tornado's death toll was 13. Another tornado formed from a thunderstorm was the Albany tornado of 1940. It destroyed all of downtown Albany. It went down to Roosevelt and took the roof off of a train station.

Albany tornado

How people prepare for a tornado or severe thunderstorm

People generally survive by having a storm cellar or a basement to go into to survive a tornado. People scientifically survive by having a radar or a phone app that tells you when there is a tornado or severe thunderstorm.

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