Canadian Tourism

Sydney Boelter & Sarah Lysdahl

In addition to being the second largest country, Canada has adopted multiculturalism, which means that they're very diverse in terms of culture.

Many people in Canada are bilingual. Most of them can speak both French and English.

Another interesting fact about Canada is that they have a constitutional monarchy. The British queen is Canada's head of state.

Some Canadians of the First Nations have ancestors that were the first settlers of Asia!

Canada has a booming lumber industry which helps their economy greatly. In fact, one of their main exports is lumber.

Many Canadians want a national identity, or to belong to a particular nation. This may be one of the reasons they are so accepting of many different types of people.

Pierre Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada, he was a big part in patriating the Constitution.

In Canada there are also people called separatists. They are people from Quebec who want to separate from the rest of Canada. They want to separate mainly because they are a French speaking province.

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