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Apps for Physical Education

Coaches Eye

Coaches Eye is a fantastic tool that allows for the recording of a particular movement or movements, proceeded by a thorough biomechanical analyzation. A physical education teacher may use this tool to film a student's movement, and using the various app tools (videos) listed below, analyze the student's form and positioning to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. For example, filming a students forearm pass, then detecting strengths and areas for improvement with the coaches eye app.

Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy is a great app that explores the human body in a variety of physiological contexts, in particular for Physical Education class, the body's skeletal muscle composition and structure. This app would allow students to explore the body's muscular composition, in particular the specific muscles used in certain movements and sport skills, and take notes with the app. For example, a student may explore the physical movement of jumping and find and make note of the main muscles/muscle groups contributing to the movement.

This app is also great for biology or health education classes.

PE Plus

PE plus is an app that explores various types and categories of games that may be played in a physical education class. It may be used as a game resource for the teacher to engage students in a variety of games or as a tool for students to explore the categorization and similar characteristics between specific games and sports.



This is a great free app that acts as a mini interactive whiteboard on mobile devices. Using this apps and its many features such as coloured pens, text, pictures, and much more allows students to build diagrams and a variety of constructivist projects. In physical education contexts, students may explore the positioning of players in various sport situations and create their own plays and strategies based on their sport knowledge. They may also describe the strengths and weakness of their form during specific skills by highlighting certain aspects of the picture, for example, analyzing their form during a basketball free throw.


Blendspace is a great app for sharing lesson plans and key concepts with students before, during and after class. A teacher may create a lesson plan with images, videos, text and other various forms of media to share content and objectives of the lesson with students who can review this information anytime, anyplace, and at any pace.

Here's an example of a sitting volleyball lesson plan I created with blendspace.

Sitting Volleyball

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