Career description

A psychologist is a mental health doctor. Sigmund Freud and Ivan Pavlov are both famous psychologists. Though both cover vastly different subjects they are both covered under psychology.

Psychology is a vast subject. It's an increasing job force. The basics are shown in the infographic below.

Required Skills

Required skills for a psychologist are pre-doctoral or post-doctoral supervised experience, internship, and a residency program. An internship must be at a clinic. The doctoral experience is usually preferred  both before and after the doctoral.

Educational Requirements

The requirements are at lest a bachelor's but most employers prefer a master's or doctorate. Medical universitys are good places to get degrees. Chicago and Georgia are both good examples.

Salary Expectations

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2012 that psychologists earned a mean wage of $69,280 per year. This boils down too $33.31 per hour. The pay can vary just like any other job.

Future Outlook

In the future it will most likely become easier to become a psychologist due to the increase of jobs. Many psychologists love their jobs. While not risky like some other jobs, psychologists are a costly job to earn.


Psychologists are people who love helping people. They are also interested in using their smarts to help. That's why they become doctors.

Similar Careers

A sociologist, which is a social psychologist, and school counselors, psychologists for students. Another are social workers who work with families. All work with the mind.

Why This Career?

I choose this career because I love helping people. I also like anything mental. So connecting them just seemed logical.


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