Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places on Earth. So far it has taken 500 lives and possibly counting however. There are explanations for this.

The Possible reasons for Plane and Boats Disappearing

Some of the possible is because of the ocean. Some people believe rogue waves could be the case of sinking boat. The reason why planes disappear is because their devices matfunction then get lost and crash.

Dark Energy

There are many types of theories for Bermuda Triangle. The weirdest of all theories is dark energy. Basically Dark Energy make you faster basically weightless and can mess up your technology a little bit.

Bruce Gernon

Bruce Gernon is one of the survivors of the Bermuda Triangle. One day he took a plane and he flew to Florida Miami. Then all of a sudden went through type of portal. Then his devices started going crazy then he weightless and faster, as if he was in zero gravity.

Hope you enjoyed.