Famous Gladiator Dies in Battle

                                                                By: Anna Christ

Spartacus defeating 1 of the 4 armies he battled.

CAPUA, ITALY- Thracian gladiator, Spartacus, died in a final battle yesterday. Spartacus, including 70,000 other slaves and gladiators fought in many brutal battles for freedom. Officials became tired of his victory, so they needed to put a stop to it.   

       Spartacus entered in the Roman army before becoming a gladiator. He then deserted it, for government caught him and sold him to a gladiatorial school in Capua.

       At first, he escaped school with 70 other men to camp out on Mt. Vesuvius. Spartacus gained a total of 70,000 people to fight the armies that got in their way. Editors found a former gladiator who fought in the armies on the streets of Rome. "It was a scary, but thrilling experience sneaking out of school," commented Remus, one of Spartacus' soldiers.

       After defeating the Roman armies, the government sent out Marcus Crassus and his army to stop Spartacus. When speaking to Crassus, he exclaimed, "Personally, not much was needed to take down his army. After so many duels, they were worn out."

       Along with Spartacus' death, 6,000 other slaves died in the last war. The rest of the men were put out on the street to teach a lesson to others considering a rebellion. Authorities are still investigating his battles and background information.

For more information, visit NPR: Spartacus War

Ask Anna: Love and Friendship Advice

                                                            By: Anna

Anna helping the other women in need.

Hi Anna, I'm having major relationship issues. I really like this Roman girl. Being, Greek, my mother and father dream of a huge, beautiful Greek wedding. They would be devastated with me if their dream did not come true. This girl and I have been sneaking around together for three weeks. Do I tell my parents, or risk my life? Please help, Julius

Hello Julius. I can tell you are in a tough situation. If I were you, I would come clean with my parents. They may make you stop seeing this girl, but honesty is the best policy. Although, if you truly love this girl, you will want to stay with her. If you choose to be honest with your parents, I assure you that you will find a lovely women someday.

Hello Anna, my life has been a wreck for the past week. I was so close with two girls. Then, one day, I didn't invite them to weave with me for a special gathering. All I wanted to do was enjoy the company of some new people. Now, my old friends would rather hangout with more popular women. I don't know whether to give up on our friendship or keep trying. In great need, Camilla

Dear Camilla, I'm sorry to hear about your friends. In my opinion, they don't seem like true friends if they have traded you for some popular men and women. Although, if you feel strong about your friendship, keep trying. You could try reconnecting yourself instead of waiting for them to come back to you. Good luck!

Hello, my name is Octavia. Love is just not my forte. There is this male, a handsome gladiator. He likes this other girl, my close friend. I can't decide if I should give up on whether I will have a chance with him. That's a selfish move on my part towards my friend. Please reply with help.

Octavia, what a pleasure helping you. I know, boys cause a lot of of struggle in life. Here is what I have to say. If this mystery male fancies your friend, you may want to step back out of this situation. If the he doesn't, he is any girls chance. Take in consideration what is happening, you don't want to loose a friend in the process. If I can do you anymore help, please write again.

Ancient Rome map.

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