movie trailer evaluation

"how to train your dragon 2"

I evaluated this movie and here are some good and bad things about it. This trailer shows that the main character invents new things and meets more dragons. But the trailer was to broad and didn't really show what to whole movie is about. This movie seems like it would be funny and a pretty good one. But if I would see it I would need to know a little more about what its about. This movie trailer is also not well at showing the characters. The main character is shown but the other characters aren't. so therefor the movie trailer is still interesting but very broad what the movie is about.


Musicians should remember to always stick together. if they stick together they will have a better chance of succeeding in life. For the musicians who want to start there own record label, Go ahead. If you start your own record label you wont have to deal with paying money to other record companies. You also wont have to deal with there crappy deals and contracts. So what i'm saying is musicians should be independent and start there own deals so they wont have deal with all that dumb stuff. If you are a well known artist you will have an easier time making your own record label but if your not you might have to take a while to create your own. If I were you I would make my own record label so I wont have to take forever to be signed and get money. To me that's the best way to go. One thing to always remember is always stay together and to trust yourself in the choices you make.

the three main marketing things that movie marketers should DO

Three of the main things movie marketers should know when they make a movies are movie budget, story/plot, and target audience. The first thing movie designers should do is make a movie budget. The movie budget is one of the most important things movie producers should do. If you have no money you wont be able to produce a movie. If you have a lot of money you can make a better movie. But you have to spend your money wisely. If you spend to much money you wont have any left. If you don't spend enough you wont have anything to work with. So you have to spend your money wisely. The second thing movie producer should know is the story/plot. If you have a good story plot you might have a good movie. If you have a story plot that isn't very good your movie might suck. So you should base your movies on good plots so more people will want to come see it. The third and final thing movie producers should now is the target audience. You want to have a good target audience so more people will come and see your movie. If you don't have a good target audience your movie probably wont sell very good. You should base your target audience on the way your movie is created. So if its a modern movie base it towards younger people. And if you have an older movie plot you should base your movie on an older audience.


Well there are two main things I would do to help guests stay longer. I would bundle and make cheaper things. The first thing I would do is bundling. The reason why is the guests wont have to have pay for every single thing that my park has. If i do bundling people wont have to pay for the service to get to the park by a bus because if they stay at my park hotel they will have free transportation. They will also have a discount on the resteraunt at my hotel. The second thing I would do is make and produce cheaper things. If I had my own amusement park I would give discounts to people who stay at my hotel so they wont have to spend tons of money. They would have discounts on suveneers and food and also park admission. So I think these to ways are really good ways to get people to stay at my park longer.


This movie poster I reviewed is for the Lego movie. This movie poster is very interesting because it shows tons of characters running away from something. This poster is good because it is very eye popping and the colors are cool. What I wonder though is what this movie is about. All it looks like is Lego guys running away. So if I would go see this movie I would need to know a little more about it.

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