Southeast Asia

Pagan Kingdom

The Pagan Kingdoms most famous king was Anawrahta. Burnmans establish the empire and it was ruled by kings. Became the center of Buddhist temples and they build thousands of magnificent Buddhist temples.

Khmer Empire

The Khmer were located in Cambodia. They had lots of farming in the empire. They had Indian influence and had Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. One of their biggest acheivements was the Angkor Wat temple.

Tradeing Kingdoms

The trading kingdoms lived on the Island of java which was a Malay peninsula. They had lots of trade and agriculture. They had Buddhist beliefs and built Buddhist monument at Borobudu.


The Vietnam people's two main leaders were Trung Trac and Trung Nhi. China ruled Vietnam off and on for 1,000 years. They had a bureaucracy and a service system and all of this was from china because they had lots of influence from china. The Vietnam people also defeated china and the Mongols to keep control of their country.

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