A Good Time

By: John Ouellette

Down at the beach,

In the blaze of the summer sun,

With my family.

The sounds of the crashing waves coming from the Gulf,

White sand,

Oh so pretty.

Shells at the shoreline,

Seaweed all washed up on the shore.

Boats in the far distance,

All enjoying the gleaming water

As I watch the waves crash into the shore

When I stand still by the water

The water rushing through my toes.

The best part was still to come,


It is probably the most beautiful part of the day by an ocean.

The sun starts as it tries to hide behind the ocean.

The reflection of the sun looking back at itself.

But like all of the other days

You wake up.

Get some fresh air,

Then leave.

The place where you found to be very peaceful.

The place where after a while you don't want to leave.

But all in the end

You think to yourself and say.

"I had A GOOD TIME".

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