Closer to the Verge of Life than Death

Korbin Rolling 4/16/14

Closer to the verge of life than death

In a forest staring at the sky blue sky.
Roaming around the forest trees as if it were a flower patch.
Walking and inhaling the sweet scent of flowers

The sky colors turn
the wind starts to churn and devour
thunder starts to strike yet know drops strike the ground.

Then the forest flares into unimaginable heat.

As I stare at the blaze I notice a brighter area of the flame that looked like a pair of bidi eyes.

As I stare at the set the blaze starts to crawl on the ground tearing it up into bitter pieces.


I fled in the woods dodging upcoming obstacles in my path but the fire was catching up and
I was pretty out of it.

Then the fire started mute, quite, soften and cave me in the flame as if it were controlled.

Then it started to rotate into a vortex trapping me into the heat of a core.

So I stopped went on my knees waiting for my death to come by.

Later the vortex started to look like a veil of fire producing more heat.

As it began trying to close the oxygen supply off a beast bold and molten came from the fire with same bidi eyes I have seen earlier.

As I nearly produced the Pacific Ocean
I approached me slowly yet so anxiously just to cook me what seems.

Then I close my eyes waiting, thinking about my future, and what lies beyond my death.

As I was on the verge of death with my eyes closed and intense heat

ROARSof terror approach me from behind so I knew I was done

It leaped over me.
Me knowing due to the fact that I felt a chill over my head.

Then on my soft smooth skin the harsh temperature began

I gasped with great surprise that I was even able to say that.

As the temp was dropping I saw a life form, a body,
a man.
After that I closed my eyes due to the bright lights.

Not long after the bright light the temperature started dropping rapidly like a diving hawk or you jump into a pool after you been in a steam room for hours.

After that it started to rain, fire started to din,
oh how sudden and happy I was to feel that
at that moment.

After a little while I opened eyes to see the beauty of
a lion directly in my face.

Then it spoke saying
“I am the way, the truth, and the light.”

A blunt wave struck me in the face blinding me with its given force.

Once I was recovered and relieved of that moment
the lion had vanished.

What seemed as a dream, but real enough for me to not wake.

So I said to myself I will never forget that moment
nor words of the beast.

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