Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson sailed the big blue sea a very long time ago. So long ago that there is no facts about where he went and his personal life. Although there is a few different theory's. Nobody knows anything for sure about Leif Eriksson.

Leif Eriksson is thought to be born in Norway, according to Theory 2. Leif was born around the year 975 A.D and he passed away around the year 1020 A.D. His personal, early life varies the most. Theory 2 gave the most information, which says that he was born in Norway with two brothers and a sister. The ages of his siblings are unknown but Leif is thought to be the second of the kids. Leif and his family are Vikings.  Around 986 A.D, his family moved to Greenland and started 2 colonies. His father was Eric the Red, who was the leader of the Norse Colony in Greenland.

Theory 1

Leif Eriksson sailed from Greenland to Norway around 1000 to get new resources and supplies. He was believed to have stopped in Hebrides,Norway where he had a son, Thorgils, with the daughter of a local chief. While he was in Hebrides, King Olaf 1 Tryggvason converted Leif to Christianity. About a year later in 1001, the King sent him back to Greenland to spread faith among all the settlers there. While Leif was returning to Greenland, he sailed off course accidentally and landed on what is now the North American continent. He called the place where he landed Vinland, after the grapes that were growing everywhere and the general fertility of the land. Vinland is believed to be what is now Newfoundland. Leif sailed home to Greenland several months later. The result of his voyage was good in the most part. Greenland found a new spot that they could go to and fish at during the summer months and for a period of time they were stocked with more supplies. Greenland was also introduced to Christianity.

Theory 2

The second theory of Leif Erikssons journeys believe a lot different than the first. Leif heard about Vinland from Bjarni Herjulfsson, who saw the North American continent from his ship 14 years back. Bjarni never set foot on the land though. Leif sailed out to go to this land around the year 1000. He had a crew of 35 people with him and they landed in Helluland (Baffin Island) first, then went on to Markland, which is now Labrador. In 1001, he went to Vinland. Leif and his crew headed back to Greenland in 1002 after the natives kicked them out which will be talked about further below. The result of this voyage is good because without it, there wouldn't be as much settlement and this land could have been different and have different cultures if it had have been found by somebody else. Although his accomplishment did not lead to permanent settlement in this land, Leif's voyage achieved a very important circling for humankind, connecting us into a single global system.

The Natives

When Leif and his Viking crew were in Vinland they began to settle, and they built L'anse Aux Meadows. The Europeans were known for trading and raiding, so they searched for resources they could use in their own settlements and could trade for high prices back in Europe. Wood was a really big valuable find back then. Leif's crew searched for a lot of that. Leif Eriksson chose L'anse Aux Meadows site for a substantial, if not permanent, settlement where his crews could fix up the boats, collect more food and water before they headed home. People believe that their site could have housed up to 100 people, but it was probably not used for more than a decade before it was abandoned for years. After only a few years of habitation at L’Anse aux Meadows, the Vikings, being significantly outnumbered by the natives that they feared, left the settlement for good. Greenland people continued to make periodic visits to the Labrador coast and arctic regions in search of raw materials, but there is no evidence they ever again attempted to establish a station as substantial as L’Anse aux Meadows. It would be another 500 years before Europeans would return to North America.


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Why He should be in The Hall of Fame

I think Leif Eriksson should be added to the Hall of Fame because he is very important to the life that we live right now and the cultures that we have. It's important that people know what he did as well because majority of our society now thinks that Christopher Columbus was the first to set foot on North American land, but historians believe that the Vikings came before. There is proof that Leif and his crew went to L'anse aux Meadows. It is not fair to give another man credit for something he did not do, especially when it's something this big. Leif Eriksson deserves to be known. He brought his culture to Newfoundland and he brought Newfoundlands culture to Greenland, as well as Norways back to Greenland. In a way, he was a starting to the multiculturalism in our world.

This is Leif Erikssons voyage.

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