Pediatric Oncology

Career Description

Pediatric Oncologists diagnose and treat children with cancers, bleeding disorders and diseases of the blood cells. They treat patients from birth to adulthood. Rather than using surgery or radiation therapy to treat cancer, pediatric oncologists typically use medications and chemotherapy. Pediatric oncologist have the responsibility of consulting and educating patients and their families in their illness and treatment options.  Pediatric oncologists also often conduct research in addition to their jobs.

Required Skills

A pediatric oncologist must be able to communicate well with patients, family members and co workers. They must be patient and empathetic with their patients and patients parents. Pediatric oncologists often work with or lead teams they must have leadership skills and be able to make decisions.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a pediatric oncologist you must earn a bachelors degree, graduate medical school, complete three years of residency training in pediatrics, and an additional three years of  fellowship training specializing in oncology/hematology.   

A university for both undergraduate and graduate studies for pediatric oncology is Johns Hopkins University.


According to the The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the mean salary for a pediatric oncologist is $187,200

Future Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for pediatric oncologists will grow 18% over the 2012-2022 decade. There will probably always be a need for this type of occupation.


A pediatric oncologist gets to form close relationships with their patients. Oncologist are often part of research and programs that can lead to new treatments.

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Why This Career

I have always been interested in medicine and science. I also like working with children. I feel that pediatric oncology is a way to help and impact future generations.


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