These apps are all available to share with social networking websites.

1. Animoto
-free 30 seconds video making mobile app
-can include beautiful backgrounds, photos, words and music for personalization
Students will learn to be creative and share what they did in their holidays. Projects can be made through the Animoto for presentations.

2. Comic and Meme Creator
-top android app installed in Indonesia
-Easy to use with ready made characters, objects and backgrounds
-can personalize it with photos from one's gallery
This app will engage many students as they love comic books. It can be used in English Class to create a story.

3. Mobl21
-free app that creates mobile flashcards, study guides and quizzes
-manage content and users
-publish to various devices

This allows teachers to teach and assess and students to learn and study any subject anywhere and anytime. (Create, manage, publish)
4. Wordpress
-free app that allows ones to create their website of blog.
-extended plugins that expand the wordpress to do anything

Students can write weekly journal entries of a reflection academically and non-academically. This will help teachers know how each student is doing personally.

5. Ispeech
-free text to speech app on itunes

For students who have a disability in speaking, this is the perfect app for them. It breaks down so many barriers

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