cultural assumption 3

In the book little women it shows the importance of being genuine rather than being fake. Just because you don’t live in a big mansion and you don’t have the highest and fashionable clothes does not mean you're poor. The 4 sisters are all genuine and believe in themselves, they do what makes them happy not others. For example, the march family are happy where they live and don’t need anything flashy or big like a mansion unlike some other people.

The March's house on the outside was made from wood, it has three stories and two chimneys. It looks very warm and cosy. It is old fashioned for nowadays but back then it was really modern. On the inside of the house it was old fashioned, all the furnisher were dull colours, the curtains were a very clean white, they were all set out perfectly. They had dark brown floor boards all over in the house, there were many paintings and photographs on the walls and had pale yellow wallpaper. Everything was set out precisely and perfect.

The men in little woman think they rule every woman there is. Well that’s not the case nowadays because woman can do anything if they try and if they are true to themselves. They deserve love, friendship an respect instead of getting made to be the housewife of their own house. Men have jobs, women don’t, that is completely unfair for the women as they would rather a job then being made to be a housewife.

Alcott, (the author) was genuine to herself and was able to publish the novel just like Jo who achieves her life ambitions, I think the author shows this cultural assumption in the book by talking about what the houses looked like and explaining what the women and men did for a living. She also shows this by saying it's not important to live in a mansion, as long as you're happy that’s all important