Taxis, T.N., Nashville


A. Nashville was founded on Christmas Eve 1779.

Q. Name the 7th and 11th presidents that lived in the Nashville area.
A. Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk.

Q. What is the shape of the driveway at President Andrew Jackson's home Hermitage?
A. The drive is in the shape of a guitar.

Q. Which Nashville captain gave the American flag its most famous nickname?
A. Retired Captain William Driver brought his trusty flag "Old Glory" home to Nashville in 1837.

Q.What was the original name of the Grand Ole Opry?
A.The WSM Barn Dance.

Q.What was the longest home of the Grand Ole Opry?
A.The Ryman Auditorium.

Q. Portions of 16th and 17th Avenue South are known as what Nashville area?
A. Music Row.

Q. Who was the King of Country?
A. Roy Acuff.

Q. Who is Mr. Guitar?
A. Chet Atkins.

Q. What Nashville musician had a guitar-shaped swimming pool?
A. Webb Pierce.

Q. Who became famous as the featured female singer on Porter Wagoner's Show and now has her own theme park in the Smokey Mountains?
A. Dolly Parton.

Q. What popular female singer started out as a tour guide at the Country Music Hall of Fame?
A. Kathy Mattea.

Q. What singer used to wash dishes at the Nashville Palace and is now credited as beginning the movement of New Traditionalists?
A. Randy Travis.

Q.What country music star was know as the Father of Bluegrass Music?
A.Bill Monroe.

Q. What country music entertainers went into the sausage business?
A. Jimmy Dean and George Jones.

Q. Name the Nashville museum that houses Elvis' gold cadillac and piano.
A. Country Music Hall of Fame.

Q. The song "I Was the One" began a long relationship between Elvis Presley and what group?
A. The Jordannaires.

Q. According to the Lovin' Spoonful, how many guitar pickers are there in Nashville?
A. 1352

Q. Who is the only country recording artist to be elected twice to the Country Music Hall of Fame?
A. Roy Rogers.

Q. After drinking a cup of locally produced coffee in Nashville, which U.S. president coined the phrase "good to the last drop!"?
A. Theodore Roosevelt.

Q. Although this now famous coffee is still enjoyed everywhere, it was served for the last time at the hotel where it got its start on December 25, 1961. What was the name of the Nashville hotel?
A. The Maxwell House Hotel.

Q. What famous Nashville candy is made of chocolate, caramel, marshmallows and peanuts?
A. Goo Goo's.