Does makeup help or hinder a woman's self-esteem?

Isabel lopez
period 5

According to the New York Times, some argue that makeup gives women some sense of power to themselves and other say it hides them from their true equality.

The survey below talks about how makeup increases a women's likability and competence in the work place. In the study it states that the right amount of makeup increases the ability to be trustworthy in the work place. It also brings up a woman's activeness.

The video below talks about how young women feel they need to be accepted in society by their looks. This young ladies give there opinions on what they think about this issue

Structural functional

•nd while I don't subscribe to the notion that makeup can single-handedly make a women beautify or enhance her self-esteem, it can at times boost self-esteem or lift spurts particularly bad days.

•Cleopatra pretty much invented the eyeliner, and she ruled a kingdom! Many consider her to be the first feminist ever, and her legacy is testimony to the fact that a women can be beautiful, smart, empowered and wear a ton of eye makeup.

•Psychologists distinguish between trait and state self-esteem, a stable state of confidence versus a transient boost.

social conflict

•Avoiding pancakes of foundation on the face by all means, unless on is actively seen to frighten people or repel men.

•Our global investment in makeup total over $18 billion, and much of it is spent on expensive products that many dermatologist label as "cosmetic hoo haw". (Latent function)

•But it should be a choice, not a requirement imposed on employees where it is not essential to job performance.

symbolic interaction

•I have no deep-rooted fear of being ostracized by society, or of Equinox revoking my membership, were I dare bare my face sans maquillage.

•I don't think I'm ugly without it.

•I don't think makeup diminishes my power, Cleopatra's legacy is proof enough.

•Women should have the ability to do whatever they want, it's their body.

my response

i believe that makeup does boost a women's self esteem whether it's for the right or wrong reasons. Some individuals wear makeup for them selves, just because they like it or it makes them look a certain way. Other individuals wear makeup for others, for example women or young ladies that get make fun of for their looks refer to makeup as an out let. If it makes them happy about themselves and people don't make fun of them then they should by all means wear makeup if they choose to. Makeup allows a women to make herself look a different way everyday without getting to exteme. I like makeup myself bit it gets out of hang when girls put piles and pile of it on. I think women shouldn't feel that insecure to have to put all of that on. Also women have to keep in mind of what goes with what, you don't have to cover ever inch of your face with something. For example, if you go really heavy on eye makeup you don't have to put blush on it just makes them look like a clown and no women or man wants that. Makeup should allow women to enhance their feature and beautify their natural beauty without looking scary. Any person should be allowed to make themselves more appealing to society even if it's adding a little makeup.

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