element scavenger hunt

if you can separate the items then it is heterogeneous

can be hammered or rolled into sheets

something that does not take form to another object

milk contains calcium

skunks butt spray is a mix of sulfur mixed with a hydrogen atom

tylers head lights are an example of a halogen ....its a gas used in head lights like tylers .....

a metal that can be stretched into a very thin wire

having a consistency like that of water or oil, i.e., flowing freely but of constant volume.

any change that results in the formation of new chemical substances.

mixture homogeneous A mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout (air)

diamonds and graphite are two allotropic forms of carbon

bananas are a good form of potassium

strontium is an example of an alkaline earth metal it strengthens your bones

cobalt is a transition metal

ice melting is a physical change

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