Equal opportunities

in a work place, the employer has to make sure each employee is being treated equally no matter their race, religion, gender, beliefs, etc.

Health and Safety

Health and safety in a workplace is crucial, each employee must not be in danger when working by law. The employer must also make sure each of its workers is being well looked after and make sure they are safe.

Equal Pay

All workers are to be paid a fair amount no matter what. Currently women are paid less by 23% in jobs like engineering!!!!!!

Minimum Wage

Currently the minimum wage is £10,462 p/y (£5.03 per hour) . Statistically this is not enough to spend on things that are vital.  

Sickness Pay

Workers must not work over 48hrs unless agreed!

Hours of Work

When you are off sick for more than 4 days you are able to have statuary pay, which is £87.55 per week.


All workers are allowed to have 28 days of holidays per year.

Parental Leave

Women are allowed up to 26 weeks off when on maternity leave, which can now be shared with the partner.