Ch. 14 in Class Assignment:

Around the World in 80 Days


Who does Fogg and Passepartout meet on the train to Calcutta?                                           -Fogg and Passepartout meet Sir Francis Cromarty on the train to Calcutta.

What characteristics does this newly introducted charcter have that are different from Fogg's and Passepartout's?                                                                                   - Sir Francis Cromarty is a retired Brigadier General in India. He is a tall and fair man             in his fifties. Sir Francis Cromarty comes off as slightly pompas, but is friendly.

What advantages does he bring to the traveling party?                                                        - Sir Francis Cromarty bring knowledge of India and the sacred place to the party. He knows customs, religion and so much more about the area.

How does Fogg react to the man's discussion of Passepartout's transgression in Bombay?                                                                                                                       - Phileas Fogg doesn't act worried or discomforted that his servant Passepartout's action could effect him in the long run, instead he is quiet calm and doesn't believe it will effect them.

What does this tell us about his character?                                                                     - It shows that Mr. Phileas Fogg is a calm and relaxed person when it comes to situations. It shows he can also handle situations and not be timid whenit comes to them.


Discuss what happens when the train comes to a stop.                                                 - The conductor of the train took a railway that wasn't finished, when noticing that he stopped the train.

What solution does Fogg find?                                                                                        -Phileas Fogg didn't want to waste any time and started walking, then he started to ride an elephant the rest of the way. But it wasn't easy for Phileas to get an elephant. At first, the owner was unwilling to let Phileas use the elephant.

What does this tell us about Fogg's problem solving abilities?                                        -Phileas even tried buying the elephant. Thus, proving Phileas Fogg tries to solve situations with moey, yet being smart enough to find a ride.


En route to the next train station, the party comes across a woman who is part of a sutee. What is a suttee? What does Fogg decide to do, and how does this decision seem to be out of character for him? What theme does this does this change in character represent?                                                                                                     -Coming up to the next train station Phileas comes across a suttee. A suttee is a human sacrafice, but a voluntary one. But this women is being forced to committ suicide.  

   - With only 12 hours to spare, Phileas decides to save the woman. Phileas risk & puts his bet on the line, this is out of character. Phileas Fogg is known to be a quiet man that keeps to himself.



In previous chapters, we discussed how Passepartout's transgressions in Bombay could have long-term consequences. What does Sir Francis discuss with Fogg about Passepartout, and how does Fogg react?                                                                        - Like I said in a previous question, quite similar to this one, Phileas Fogg seems to be very calm when told the actions of Passepartout can be long term consequences and could ruin his bet.

Based on his character up to this point, is his reaction a surprise?                                -To me it wasn't really a surprise, Phileas Fogg seems like a surprising and mysterious man. So when he reacted the way he did, it wasn't really a surprise to me.

How does Fogg react to the other set backs he has encountered?                               - Phileas Fogg has went on through the journey with many set back, but he's found his way out of them. Some with wisdom, and others with money. He didn't let the set back control his trip, he kept on going, there was no holding Phileas Fogg back.

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