Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Dodger escape & why is Sienna wearing a wedding dress?

It is certainly going to be a Christmas to remember in Hollyoaks, especially for Dodger Savage!

As we have previously reported, Dodger (Danny Mac) is to be forced into a ‘perfect family Christmas’ by his twin sister, Sienna (Anna Passey) this festive season. ‘So what’, we hear you cry; after all, we all have to spend the holidays with at least one family member we can’t stand.

But this isn’t your typical “grit your teeth round the turkey” situation, as Dodger is actually kidnapped by Sienna – who happens to be in love with him and the mother of his eldest child – and held captive in the basement of their mother’s old house.

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There, after fetching their daughter Nico (Persephone Swales-Dawson) from the hospital bed she was in trying to recover from a kidney transplant, Sienna dresses her family in Christmas jumpers and shows them all just how much they should have really insisted she wasn’t let out of the secure hospital last time, by acting like everything is perfectly normal.

And if being forced to wear a jumper from Primark whilst handcuffed to a radiator wasn’t enough to scare Dodger half to death, his fear is intensified as his twin continues to gush about some sort of special celebration they are all going to have.

Dodger doesn’t have too long to try and work out what the celebration is though as Sienna walks into the room wearing a wedding dress – eeeeeewww!

Of course, this is the moment that the penny drops about just how unstable Sienna really is, and Dodger decides to try and pacify his sister, but she gets suspicious when he won’t kiss her.

However, there is a normal person in Sienna somewhere, and Dodger’s calming story of what life would have been like if they had been allowed to grow up together triggers something in her and she agrees to let Dodger drive her to the hospital and get the help she needs.

With Dodger firmly behind the wheel of the car as the snow starts to fall, and Sienna seeming to return to the planet, what on earth could possibly go wrong?

Find out when all the drama unfolds in Hollyoaks on Wednesday 24th December at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

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