Babies And Science Experiments

Riley Jo Smith

The holocaust was very sad not just for adults. They did horrible thing to babies. They did science experiments to babies. By the end of the World War II, the Nazis had taken the lives of six million Jews, over one million of them children and teenage youths. Due to the fact that children were considered non-productive and symbolized the continuation of Jewish existence, they were among the first victims who were sent to their deaths in order to ensure the total destruction of the Jewish people.

10 Facts

  •   Dr. Josef Mengele, who became the chief physician of brikenau in 1943.
  • January 17, 1945 - Mendele took with him the documentation of his experiments.
  • Children killed when they arrived in killing centers.
  • Children born in ghettos and camps who survived because prisoners hid them.
  • They  did medical experiments on kids 12 and under   
  • Those children killed during reprisal operations.
  • Children were killed immediately after birth
  • The Germans and their collaborators killed as many as 1.5 million children, including over a million Jewish children and tens of thousands of Romani children.
  • only a small number wrote diaries and journals that  survived.
  • Two to three times a week, groups of 30 prisoners–male and female–were brought in to have their testicles or ovaries irradiated with X-rays.



  • The Nazi party takes power in Germany. Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor,or Prime Minister of Germany.
  • Nazis ‘temporarily’ suspend civil liberties
  • The Nazis set up the first concentration camp at Dachau. The first inmates are 200 Communists.


  • Hitler combines the positions of chancellor and president to become ‘Fuhrer’ or leader of Germany.


  • Jews are deprived of their citizenship and other basic rights.


  • Nazis boycott Jewish-owned business.
  • Jews no longer had the right to vote.


  • Jews must carry id cards and Jewish passports are marked with a “J.”
  • Jews no longer head businesses, attend plays, concerts, etc.
  • All Jewish children are moved to Jewish schools.
  • Jewish businesses are shut down; they must sell businesses and hand over securities and jewels.

People Involved

  • Dr. Josef Mengele, who became the chief physician of Birkenau in 1943.
  • Air force physician Dr. Horst Schumann ran experiments at Auschwitz.
  • Sura grew up on a farm in rural Poland. She lived in a small village, where the entire city was Jewish. Outside the village.
  • Natan His father owned a haberdashery store, where he sold hats, gloves, and other things. He had two sisters and a younger brother. Lodz was home to over 233,000 Jews.
  • Emmanuel and His father, David, was a prominent educator, principal in the prestigious a Jewish high school, and active in the Zionist movement.She taught with her husband at the high school.


Irena Sendler

She was a member of Zegota, the clandestine Polish Rescue Organization, at great risk, rescued 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto and placed them with Christian families. She buried jars containing their real and assumed names in the garden, so that they could be one day learn the names of their biological families after the war.

Why Is It Important For People To Know

Its important to know about the holocaust because they did horrible things to babies.  It shows how people were treated. It shows who are the real hero's are in the world. It shows that not everybody is bad some are very caring. Its show not everybody is caring some are bad. Some people only care about themselves. Be your own person don't be a follower. Dont follow people that are bad!


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