The Glass Castle

Nicolette Malone


Maturity; The Walls children spend there whole life learning how to fend for themselves and protecting each other while living with parents that had either left them to raise themselves or a drinking habit.

Forgiveness; Jaennette and her siblings always found a way to forgive their parents and bring them back into their hearts. Jaennette spent her whole life watching her parents make mistakes after mistakes. She watched them not put food in their stomachs, roof over their heads, and heat in their house but still found the courage to forgive them  


Introduction: Jaennette was sitting in a taxi on her way to a party when she sees her mom out the window wearing dirty clothes and digging through a trash can. Jaennette tries to hide herself from her mother because she is embarrassed on how her mother is living her life, Jaennette skips the party and goes home instead. She met her mom for lunch and they started a conversation. Rose Mary told Jaennette that her values were all confused, that she got embarrassed to easily, and she needed to except who her mother and father were.

Rising Action: When Jaennette was only three years old, she was cooking hot dogs on the stove and started a fire. After the incident, the family moved to Phoenix. The family was doing very well and making enough money to survive on, then Rex's drinking addiction got in the way and started to cause problems and lead to the abuse of Rose Mary (mother). They left Phoenix to got live with Erma, their grandmother in West Virginia.

Climax: The Grandmother tried to molest the son, Brian, which lead to a fight with Lori and Erma (grandmother). Erma kicked them out of her house, the family had no choice but to move into this small house on Hobart St. The house had no insulation which meant their not very much heat in the house. The yard was junky. The land by the house was suppose to be the foundation of the glass castle that Rex had promised the kids. His drinking problem once again got in the way, which meant the promise he made of building the glass castle was never kept. This made Jaennette look at her father as a liar.

Falling Action: Eventually all the children end up moving to New York to start their new lives. Jaennette pursues her writing career and attends Columbia University. Rex and Rose move to New York a few years after Maureen moves to New York. Rex and Rose moved their to try to become closer with their children but that plain fails. After the parents look for jobs and places to stay they become homeless.

Resolution: Maureen ends up moving to California. Brian gets married and becomes a cop, but later got divorced. Jaennette graduated college and finds a rich husband. She found her parents living in a squat building. Jaennette's father ended up dying and Jaennette divorced her and got married to someone else. Her new husband had two kids from his previous wife. At the end, they make a toast to their dad, Rex.


Jaennette Walls

Jaennette Walls was the narrator in this story. Jaennette was adventurous, crazy-hearted, and she was dad's favorite child. She was the daughter of Rex and Rose Mary. During middle school Jaennette was bullied. She had no choice but to become independent because of her parents resentments. Later down the road Jaennette got her life together and got enough money to pursue her dreams. She used her intelligence to move away from her parents.

Rex Walls

Rex Walls was the father of Jaennette, Lori, Brian, and Maureen. He was also the Husband of Rose Mary. Rex was a skilled electrician and engineer. He spent his spear time coming up with creative ideas and new inventions. During his childhood, he got sexually abused. Rex was a really bad alcoholic because of that he cared more about his alcohol than he cared about the living conditions and the health of his family. His motivated by alcohol and his desire for his family self-sufficiency.

Rose Mary Walls

Rose was the mother of all four kids; Jaennette, Brian, Lori, and Maureen. Rose was the wife of Rex Walls. Rose Mary was a very irresponsible mom. When Jaennette was three, Jaennette was cooking hot dogs and she burned herself very badly. Rose is extremely selfish, she believed that her children stood in her way of her pursuing her dreams. Rose Mary also believes that people have the ability to make their lives whatever they make it up to be. She is motivated by her own desires and values.


Tuscon, Arizona is Jaennette's Birth place. When Jaennette was three she caught on fire while cooking hot dogs.

Las Vegas, Nevada was the place they moved into and lived in a hotel. The family had to "skedaddle" and get out of town quickly. On the way, Jaennette falls out of the car but her parents came back for her.

San Francisco, California- The family moved into a hotel there. The hotel caught one fire, so they had to leave.

Midland, California

The family moved to a small town in California.

The family moved to Blythe, California and lived in an apartment. Jaennette goes to school. The students picked on her a lot because she was so skinny. On the was home from school, a group of Mexican girls jump her and beat her up.

Battle Mountain, Nevada- The family lived here for awhile. They lived in a depot station that didn't have any furniture. The children slept in refrigerator boxes. Rex got a job at Barite Mine and stopped drinking heavily. The family left because of conflict between the children and a kid named Billy.

Welch West Virginia

The family decided to go immediately to the Rex mother's house. The children met there grandmother and uncle there. The grandmother name was Erma. When Rex and Rose had left, Erma tried to molest Brian which leads to a fight between Lori and Erma. The family moved out and found their own place

New York

Jaennette, Lori, Brian, Maureen end up all moving to New York to follow all of there dreams and to get away from Welch. Jaennette Graduated from college. Rex and Rose move to New York and become homeless. They tried to become closer to their kids but that did not work.

Important Quotes

"The most important thing about life is learning how to fall"(Jaennette123). This is important because Jaennette went through a lot of though challenges throughout the book but she never gave up. Jaennette is saying that life gets better and once she falls, she can get back up and try again and she will even be stronger than before.

"If you don't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim"(Walls 66). Jaennette's dad says this to Jaennette as a life lesson. This is important because it is her dad's way of letting her know that if Jaennette doesn't learn how to live on her own, she won't ever make it in the real world without her father.

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