Internet Safety

Being safe on the internet.

National Center for missing or exploit children

Basic internet safety

  • Report any cyber bullying to an adult or guardian.
  • Limit the sights you go to.
  • Show your parents what you do online and see if they approve of it.

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  • Tell your parents or children to let you make your own rules.


Internet safety

  • Follow your own rules and the ones the provider gives you.
  • Never copy and paste pictures of yourself on the internet.
  • Never give out personal information like address, phone number, etc.
  • Don’t respond or give feedback when someone threatens you on the internet.
  • Tell a parent or guardian if someone sends scary messages.
  • If you make a friend on the internet let your parents meet them .

Why I chose Them

      I chose all these the websites because when I looked up "internet safety" on Bing these looked the simplest to understand. The second reason I chose these were that they all included the word "kid" and that meant that a kid would be able to understand it. I chose kidshealth because of course that means that the site is trying to help kids be healthy and safe and teach them a couple things about internet safety. I chose netsmartz because net means network or internet and smartz I guess means what smart means. The third one I chose was SafeKids and I chose that one because it means that the website is trying to teach the kids reading the page how to be SAFE on the internet. Well those are all the reasons I chose these and I hoped you like my poster board!!!

By: Filmpennar


Here's a video of some tips and what will happen if you give out personal information.

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