can we still live without fossil fuels?:

Fossil fuels are starting to run out due to the use of humans relying too much on them. We think that humans instead of relying on fossil fuels too much or using them 24-7 that we should be using energy that is renewable A.K.A. renewable resources.

How we can prevent from using too much fossil fuels:

Instead of watching t.v. every day(and using fossil fuels) instead you could do something productive like go for a run or build with some legos or things like that,that do not involve FOSSIL FUELS

How to use energy without fossil fuels:

if you're wondering "well how can i use renewable energy without fossil fuels?" start by knowing what type of renewable energy there is for instance...wind energy with wind turbines,solar energy with solar pannels. You get the memo right?


Not convinced? imagine what it would be like without no energy at all! It'll be pretty painful right? but either way if you run out of fossil fuels you're still going to have to use renewable resources for energy so why not start now and conserve fossil fuels?

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