Going to the 1990s by: Korbin Powell

It was a nice sunny day in the tiny town of Elkin, North Carolina when I decided I wanted to travel back into time. I was experimenting with a new time machine I had invented on March the 30 of 2015. I decided to go to the 1990s. So I ejusted the time so that I could leave. On the way going to the 90s the time machine destroy in middle process. Luckly it still was able to sent me to the 90s.

I chose the 90s because I love a lot of things about the 90s. I love the clothes they wore, the T.V. shows they had and the 90s were when basketball really evolved into the great game it is now. My favorite was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The reason I included this was because I wanted to go back and go to one of their showings. So I did. It was a great site to see. It was a funny to see the technology thy used back then compared to the stuff they use now. It was also cool to watch Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, James Avery and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

After that I when to go watch an NBA game. I when to watch the Charlotte Hornets and the Philadelphia 76ers. It was a great game. I got to see Sir Charles Barkley, Dell Curry, Alonzo Mourning and Monute Bol! The 76ers won in overtime by the final score of 122-118. It was a wonderful game.

The nexted day I planned to return back home. But then I remembered that my time machine was broken. So I thought and I came up with this brilliant idea. I planned to return home by going to Dr. Brown from the movie Back to the Future and he helped me fix my time machine so I could go home and live life normally. So after the game I when to Dr. Brown's house and asked if he would help me. He accepted! He said we shall start first thing tommorow morning. We worked hard that day and around 6 P.M. that night we finished it!

I returned home and lived life normally again. I had fun in the 90s but I don't think I would ever want to go back and risk staying there forever.

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