República Argentina

                                                           By: Jackson Yahne

Argentina is a country that lies in South America East of Chile and South of Bolivia and Paraguay. The country has a population of 40.2 million people. That is 0.56421052631% of Earth's population. Argentina's capital city is Buenos Aires. Their currency is pesos (ARS). The other countries that use pesos are Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Uruguay. The languages spoke in República Argentina are Spanish, Italian, English, German, French, indigenous (Mapudungun, Quechua). However, Spanish is Argentina's official language.

Map of República Argentina

Famous Places

Iguazú National Park: This national park is famous for its spectacular views and astonishing water falls. Iguazú is surrounded by rainforest which is home to many species of animals.

Buenos Aires: This is the capital city of Argentina. It is referred to as "Paris of South America". Buenos Aires has a population of 3,040,000 people. The capital city was founded in 1536.

Los Glaciares National Park: This national park is famous for it amazing natural beauty from the rugged mountains, glacier lakes, and fascinating woods. It includes Lake Argentino which is 160 kilometers (99.4 miles) long.

Local Expressions

zarpado: big, extraordinary, amazing

te lo digo posta: a way to say "I'm telling the truth."

se armo un quilombo: it was a disaster/wreck

Popular Food and Drinks

Carbonada: A type of stew potatoes, meat, pumpkin, and corn. It is often baked in the pumpkin itself.

Milanesa: Breaded meat, usually beef. Either eaten as a snack or main course.

Ambrosía: Egg pasta made with sugar or syrup.

Climate and Geography

North Argentina (Flat Land): Hot, humid Summers and mild Winters.

Central Argentina (Fertile Pampas): Hot summers with thunderstorms and much cooler Winters.

Western Argentina (Andes Mountains): Harsher weather and much cooler Winters.

South Argentina: Warm Summers and cold Winters with heavy snowfall.

      The geography of República Argentina varies greatly. In the North, there is woodlands and swamps. In the West, there is the heavily wooded slopes of the Andes Mountains. Then, in the South, there is the cold Patagonian Plateau. Lastly, the land surrounding Buenos Aires, has fertile soil great for sustaining the large city.

People of Argentina

Argentine Painting

      This mural can be found on the streets of Buenos Aires. Ever Siempre is the artist that painted this piece. He named it "Description of the arrival of an ideology". Ever painted this mural using hyperrealistic characters and abstract details. It is significant because it adds color to the streets of the capital of Argentina. I think it is a cool mural that is vibrant and bold. It is cool to look at and study the piece and what it means.

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