BYOD Management Plan

Storing Your Device

  • Use old mailboxes and remove the back for cords.
  • Use a dish drying rack with cords in the back.

Moving Around with Devices

  • Hold devices with both hands and walk
  • Arrange desk so it’s easy for you to walk around and view student’s screens
  • Create Pods with an extra desk in the middle for water bottles and or papers they need to store.

Organizing Your Weebly

  • Have tabs by unit and do a symbaloo to go with each unit. That way the students can get on it at stations time.

(ex: Mrs. Farrell's class website)   (ex: Ms. Mason's Website)

  • Do a student blog where students can answer questions and comment on others. Also let parents know that they can get on and comment to their students response.
  • Use a blog site like Kidblog to publish student writing and share comments.


Practice getting, using and putting away devices. Video students doing it the right way and the wrong way and place videos on a symbaloo for students to review expectations)


  • pair students up or have students work in small groups to create presentations using technology
  • Peer editing using google forms for writing
  • Allow students to comment on one anothers digital work.
  • Teach students how to comment appropriately
  • Use Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime to connect with other schools and classes.
  • Use Twitter to connect with other schools and classes.

Digital Citizenship

Comment Stream