Charly vs. Flowers For Algernon,

The Big Differences

                                                               By: Kimberly Williams

1. In the movie Charly had went to Miss Kinnian's house and tried to make out with her but in the book he had done no such thing.

2. In the book you don't hear about the park, but in the movie it is a common setting including the place where Charly and Miss Kinnian made love.

3.  In the movie Charly and Miss Kinnian have a romantic relationship but in the book it doesn't really specify.

4. In the movie Charly works at a bread factory but in the book it is a box factory.

5. In the movie the presentation went terrible with the news of Allgernon's death but in the book the presentation went fine.

6. In the movie Charly writes on a chalkboard at home but in the book it is suggested that he write in a journal.

7. In the movie Charly is fired a lot sooner than in the book so you don't get get to see as much of it.

8. In the book Charly brings flowers to Algernon's grave but in the movie he doesn't so that makes the titles different.

9. In the movie Charly helps pick up the dishes the boy dropped but in the book he just yells at them and then leave.

10. In the movie Dr.Strauss is a female.

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