Don't view bad things in life as bad, but as a gift.

Billie Owens

I Believe

I believe in the universe,

the power of God,

the amazing way that we were all created,

the way we are equal,

the impact that we can do for others,

love, strength, friendship,

But I don’t believe in given up.

I believe in miracles,

I believe in the way the Earth moves,

I believe in the beauty people can bring to Earth,

hope, magic, beauty,

And I believe in the act of being here for a reason.

My Credo Essay

      Don’t view the bad things in life as bad but as a gift, this is saying that people shouldn’t grieve over bad things but be thankful that it happen to them; this is because mistakes you make, form who you are; that without these things you wouldn’t appreciate the good in life. Also, without these mistakes you wouldn’t learn life lessons.

   I’ve always recognized that this was a way of life; that you couldn’t change what happens to you, but you can always pick up the pieces and learn from what that bad thing was. The grieving will only make it worse, so instead be thankful that you can learn from it. The power it may have on you might not occur right off the back but sometimes it just hits you, like having a bug hit you in the face while riding a bike. It’s not something you can be warn about, most of the times, but things that just come in your life when you were smooth sailing.

        This belief is important to me because for the longest time I asked the question, “Why me,” but as I went on in life I found out the true reason of why it happen. It made me look back at the time when I was grieving to see that I missed out on great experiences because I was to self-centered. I learn that you shouldn’t always be stuck on you, because these things happen to everyone and they aren’t letting it get the best of them, so why should I? It helped me see the positive in everything instead of the negative.

          The idea of not viewing bad things in life as bad, but as a gift will become a permeant credo, because this way you aren’t just sitting around mopping, but actuarially seeing how beautiful the world is. Also, as I grow older I will learn in more depth of why these things actuarially happen, and learn more life lessons that I could teach to other people.

         These credo should always be utilized, because it helps show that bad things can have a positive impact on things. People should allow themselves to think positive about things that’s why I think more people should live by looking at bad things as a gift. Also, when and if they use these words it will help them find the beauty in things that they thought could never be possible to have. That is why I live by the credo, to always view bad things as a gift.

By Billie Owens

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