4th Period:  Demarkus H, Jamal M, Terry T, Kyle U.

3: Chicago In the A.M
Cruising down the I-20 Expressway on the way to school the sun added a sufficient amount of light to the west side of the downtown's buildings making it more than picture worthy representing the face of my home, Chicago Illinois.

Photo #1: Standing Tall

September 22, 2014,On the West side of Chicago, is an intersecting street named Homan and Walnut.This, a normal day for us, with the police officers on the corner standing and talking. This is something we see over and over, normally the presence of these officers gives a warm secure feeling; however here it is the exact opposite, where they sometimes do not serve and protect, they harm and neglect.

Picture #2 Baseball Fun

Caption: Where do people come to watch sports and support and cheer their home team on ? Here I attended a local cubs game the home team and underdog of Chicago playing vs a slight rival.

Picture #4 Construction Lot

Caption: Walking outside my house and it is an empty lot. Why was this house torn down? What will take its place? What can this lot be for? In the neighborhood it can be used for a lot because this is not a bad neighborhood to live in.

Photo #2: Mr Geesaman Teaching

This picture was taken on September 30,2014 at Al Raby High School. This picture was taken on the second floor in room 212. There were multiple people in the classroom but I can only see Mr. Geesaman and another student, so only two people were in the photo. You can see objects, such as a computer a projector and a projector screen. The activities in the photo were simply Mr. Geesaman teaching his class. I'm trying to show what's going on in my Urban Studies class and that our teachers put effort into teaching us instead of just handing us worksheets and sitting down.

The Weight Of Life

My mother weeps during prayer in a church located on the West Side of Chicago, 1454 South Pulaski. “Sometimes things in life are tough to press through and a higher power is sought out for refuge.

Theme: The Coin of Chicago

Initially, Chicago use to be portrayed as the cornerstone of success, film stars, industry and
singers. Now as time as played its role altering this city with traditional erosion crime has increased exponentially along with unemployment and poverty. The infamous nickname “Chiraq” a synecdoche made for the comparison to the war bound Iraq was given to Chicago because of its recognition regarding its increasing death rate and toll. Now instead of running to Chicago people are running from it.

The Theme for Urban Studies

Mr G said, go home or stay here and compose a page tonight. And let it come from within, not pretend. For me to do this will be a tedious task. Fore it takes time for me to open. Dont get me wrong I'm not shy but neither am I a social butterfly. I like my own company which for some odd reason indirectly attracts others. I choose to alone which is the reason I am not, a living paradox. My life is what it is, can't complain at the cards I’ve been dealt cause it could always be worse. School is cool, straight A’s no worries. My social life is average but I don't care too much its not mandatory. Church oh God don't get me started something I hate to hate but sometimes love to love. This is my life, a vast capacity of potential-with low capital. But I will make it.

Other Side of The Coin

Apart from the death , poverty and war of politics. The beast of Chicago also has beauty within it. Here, the beach symbolizes this, that there is always a diamond in the rough, you just have to be willing to look.

Picture #6 Police Are Here

Caption Here sitting in front of ourv school is a CPD Squad Car. What seems normal and serene is not what it seems. These policemen officers are not on break nor are they responding to any type of call, there just sitting. Their responsibly is to serve and protect but here they are idle.So where is the police job being done.

Theme: Police Presents:

So my big question is. What are police here for? What are police job objectives? I am asking because police are always in the neighborhood and driving around but there are always crimes and drugs being sold or happening. The police are supposed to serve and protect but they are crooked. Some police do not care about people they just want to get paid. So I don’t understand why we have them if their job is not being done.

Picture#3 My School, Your School, Our School

Caption: I see this building every day. This building has been here for years, and now I am in it about to graduate and move on with my life. This building is for education purpose only but you can still make it out to be fun.

English B:

Kyle Underwood, I am 18 years old. I am a senior at Al Raby High School. I am trying to make it out of Chicago with success and high dreams. All my life it has been a struggle with a hustle. I have learned that nothing comes free and I go after everything that I want in life. My hope is to go to college, study Physical Therapy, and one day work with a professional team as an Athletic Trainer. The more success I have, the better my family and I life will be.

Held Captive by Crime

Immediately after departing from church, the setting three separate pictures, we came across an altercation in route home. Nothing sporadic in Chicago’s everyday life but isn’t and shouldn’t be the normal.

Picture #1: Football Is Life

Caption: The greatest part of my life is football. I love to watch football. I play football for Al Raby High School. I wish one day I will play for a college football team. Watching college football at the Bears stadium is something to remember, with a picture.

The Juxtaposition

empty church next door to a open liquor store. A living contradiction.
and Pulaski- West Side of Chicago. A city that could use some type of God. Here we have an

Really Fake Football Players

Here at Hanson Stadium located on Central and Fullerton plays Douglas vs. Manley High school. It’s just beginning to rain and for some odd reason there two players desire to remain on the sideline, dry and comfortable.

Photo #1: Garfield Park

This picture was taken on September 19, 2014. This picture was taken on the front porch of my home on Hamlin and Lake. There were no people in the pictures but there was a van parked in the picture. You can also see that the park was clean and well organized. I took this picture to show a different part of my neighborhood; that it can be peaceful and quiet and it can be organized. The audience can learn from my picture that the people in my neighborhood care about our community and we can take care of it.

Photo #2: What a nice movie

The viewing of the movie called “Our America” in my Urban Studies class at Al Raby. We are having a lesson on Bronzville and its history. These past days we were talking about Bronzville and how it used to be. Later that week our teacher found a video that was placed in Bronzville and decide to show us a visual picture.

Jamal Milan

Overall Theme

Chicago is a beautiful place. But a lot wouldn't know that unless they lived in the city themselves. To outsiders looking in, Chicago is nothing more than a place of death and poverty. But there is more than meets the eyes. All kids don’t want to sell drugs and be gang members, many wish to do something with their life and that deserve is captured here in these pictures. My message to those viewing this picture is simple, don’t judge a book by its cover you might like what you read.