Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth, This is a guide as to how you will get along with your day just like me. You will first wake up on week days and get ready for school. You will be brushing your teeth, taking a shower , and picking out your uniform(certain clothes) for the boring day at school. Around 7:40 you will head to school with all of your supplies, at 8:30 you will attend first period, work program in Mrs Allens room, and every hour and a half you will go to your classes(Physics, Ms. Meddy) until 3rd period(your last class, english) because you get out early to go to work. So at 1:42 you will be picked up where you will go home and pick up your Taco Cabana uniform and arrive to work at 2:00 pm. there you will deal with a bunch of annoying people until you get off at 10pm. Then you will go home and go to bed. you repeat this during the week days but you rotate your classes every day which would be Ms doslichs first period for algebra, then coach morrow for history second then Ms. Oneal's for 3rd. and repeat the work process. You will make peoples food step by step until you clean and go home. Once you get out of school Friday you can go home and do whatever you feel like doing until you go to work Saturday at 6 p.m. Then repeat, that is just about it. You can mix it up every now and then if you want, go do some workouts or something, push ups or curl ups, its up to you homie. But dont forget to do homework when the teacher gives it to you.

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