Siberian Huskies

In this Tackk you will learn about Siberian husky's. You will learn about there fur and how to take care of it there, size, Height, and weight. You will also learn about there temperament, lifespan, Food, Speed and and a little bit about there experience as sleigh dogs.


Huskies do somethings called shedding where tuff's of fur are coming out because new hair is pushing the old out.Huskies come in many different colors such as black and white, Grey and white, red and white orange and white or just simply white. When you brush your husky, like i said they shed so a lot of fur will come out at once. If your husky will be inside most of the time i would recommend bathing you dog at least once a month if he/she is mostly outside i would recommend twice a month. This specific breed is Non Hypoallergenic breed.


Most huskies Grow to be a medium sized dog.A female husky can reach a height of 56 inches tall and a male can reach a height of 60 inches tall. These dogs are classed as medium sized dogs because they can weigh from 50-60 pounds.


These dogs are very outgoing but when it come to family they are loyal and will protect you with there life and soul. They are also very alert and will not let anything on to it's territory they will attack if they feel threatened.Huskies can also be very gentle, friendly and intelligent dogs.


A good healthy husky could live a full life of 15 years old. The tricky thing about these dogs is that they are crazy puppies until about age 2 then they calm down but at about age 10 or 12 they are crazy again until they have lived there full potential.


Huskies can grow to be a good size, if you feed them the proper amount if food. If you own a husky puppy you should only feed it about 1.5 to 2 cups of a high quality dry food daily. if you own another dog i would not put them together when it comes to food because like i said they can be protective.


Huskies have the heels on greyhounds for speed. Lets just say they love to run and they are good at it. They can run at 20 MPH with no difficulty. If you are planning on getting a husky you should have a good sized backyard it doesn't have to be huge but it cant be really tiny.

Sleigh dogs

Huskies are not only known for there speed but also for there experience as sleigh dogs. Sleigh dogs are used to pull sleighs and since they are so fast they do sled races in very cold parts of the earth. Huskies love to play and mess around with there buddies in the snow! Weather is no match for huskies!


I hope you learned about huskies and there, fur, size, Temperament, lifespan, speed, what they eat, how fast they can run and there experience as sleigh dogs! a husky would make a great family dog!


Shedding-To have a growth or covering be disconnected or fall off by a natural process

High quality- the quality of being very good.

Greyhounds-A dog of a tall slender breed having a narrow head and a smooth coat. It was originally bred to hunt fast prey and is often used for racing.