How to Carry on the Simple Coporate Office Design ?

We spend too much time in the office, so we should pay attention to the design of office. Functional decoration everyone should pay attention to the working space. Coporate office design -

is very important, we each week about six days or so of the time to stay in the office, it's working conditions and the environment has a direct impact on our way of life. Will also affect the efficiency of our work, also has a relationship with the mental and physical health.

The reception area is to let visitors have a relaxed, the use of color to let visitors a better first impression. If the business need to impress clients and maintain the interaction, so the reception area is the dress must be good. The company's products can show the model room, paintings and beautiful, accessories reflect the company's taste and style.

In the coporate office design, the conference room is the office area. The design should make the meeting room entrance is convenient, near the toilet to facilitate visitors. Must display, such as screen, television and video remote control will need to be prepared for, a calm and neutral background of visual performance, adequate lighting. It should be provided for reflecting light and sound, lighting and sound quality contributes space. Non flammable chandelier, let more voice can be reflected. Structure exposed ceiling is sometimes used to create high-tech image, as a typical office style substitution.

Office storage space may not satisfy the staff, Coporate office design should increase the storage space at the same time to eliminate unnecessary waste of space. Vertical file cabinet, cabinets, open shelf can save space. In addition, the movable goods shelf can move, help to reduce the space compression. Furniture also can be designed to work under the table space away, to save storage space.

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