NC Mascot Mash Up

1. Guildford College-Quakers

2. North Carolina state wolf pack

3. UNC chapel hill tar hills

4. Pitt community collage bulldogs

5. duke university blue devils

6. Shaw university bears

7.Davidson collage wildcats

8. wake forest university deacon demons

9. rockinham community collage eagles

10.Winston-Salem state university rams

11.Appalachian state universality mountaineers

12 pfeiffier university falcon


With a five-minute time limit, $1,500 on the line and four judges ready to ask tough questions, junior Tai Hensley and her team entered the Deac Tank to pitch their proposal.Students in Jim Otteson's class develop a framework for understanding an individual’s purpose, a firm’s purpose and an industry’s purpose in supporting a humane and just society.

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