Shrugs off water, so simple to apply - Stainstop

Stainstop is a water borne material, which impregnates porous surfaces and imparts transparent barrier against oil and water, thereby providing stain resistance and release characteristics.
It does not alter the appearance of the substrate or its vapour permeability. It also functions as a water, oil and stain repellent on nonporous surfaces.

  • Outstanding resistance to water
  • Oil, grease and dirt repellent
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering
  • Suitable for concrete, paving stones, terracotta, marble, granite, clay, slate and unglazed tile
  • Release characteristics allow easy removal of chewing gum
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Fast drying, single pack
  • Non-toxic
  • No effect on gas permeability
  • Long term efficacy
  • No change to substrate appearance

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