"Should You Bribe Your Kids?"

America Montejano

February 21, 2014

Period 5

The Issue

When Parents want something done it is very easy for them to offer their kids anything in exchange. Whether it is something like money or maybe something as little as candy. That is all it takes, "If you get straight A's on your report card I will give you 100 dollars". Every Parent has bribed their child in some way.

Structural Functional

Bruce Feiler: "If my daughters clean their room or do an especially good job at music practice, I'll spring an unexpected treat on them. Everyone feels better." It promotes stability within the family.

KJ Dell'Antonia: "I don't bribe for small, or easy stuff. I bribe for things that are extrinsically hard, or difficult for that particular child, or that benefit me."

KJ Dell'Antonia: "I can get the results I need through sheer force of personality...whining over homework..but it's exhausting, and it puts a real strain on our relationship"

Social conflict

KJ Dell'Antonia a mother of 3 said "I put $28 in an envelope for them."

KJ Dell'Antonia : "Not every kid is mature enough or motivated enough to put in the work to get there without the reward."

Bruce Feller: "I do believe in rewards, but- and this may be a distinction without a difference- I'm strongly against promising awards in advance."

Symbolic Interaction

Bruce Feller: "I got scared by all the evidence that the ore people are exposed to money, the greedier and more selfish they become."

KJ Dell"Antonia: "When Kids come up short, they come up short- and better yet, they're often left watching a sibling." They do this to earn a sanction which is money in this case.

KJ Dell'Antonia: "I'm not bribing them to do their homework...I'm bribing them- or rewarding them- for not making it unpleasent."

I believe that bribery is a manifest function because if you do something, someone will reward you with something else. Although it is a good way of getting children to listen to follow the norms it can be bad because it can lead a child to always wanting something in return for what they did. Parents have a history of trying to get kids to do what they want so what better way than to just bribe them if there is no other choice.

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