By:Raven Cunningham

Session 1

The basic of genetics and how it was found and the history of it

Session 2

Genotype and phenotype are not the same but the difference is phenotype is the appearance while genotype is the genetic code that makes the apperance that we see

Session 3

We looked at the different ways genetic is in our daily life and people don't see it

Session 6

The risk and Benifits of genetics and how it is used. we did an activity where we listed the risk and benifits of having cows on hormone pill and we did the piont of view of the farmer and the customer buying the milk. another one we did was the something happened at work and the victim's friend had to give a DNA sample but was afraid of them keeping the sample for future crimes and for seeing if she did a previous crime and she knows she didn't do it. the point of view was the cops and the victim's friend

Session 7

we learned how a certain trait doesn't help protect from predators but can when disaster strikes and the opposite effect can happen