The Turtle Cell

The cell is going to be the shape of a turtle

The mouth is where it takes in the CO2

The shell is where it takes in the sunlight

The H2O is taken in through the feet of the turtle

Sugar is produced in the inner body by combining CO2 and H2O

The O2 produced during this process is released through the tail

Materials Used to Make this Cell

Concrete, Silicon, Aluminum, and Francium (The most reactive element)


$48 in Concrete

$100 in Silicon

$71 of Aluminum

$75 of Francium

Total: $294

Removing CO2 and production O2

For every 50% of CO2 removed there is an 40% production of O2

Additional Benefits and Military Functions

Large and durable, sturdy and strong, and blends into nature.

Since it's a cell it fights off viruses (hackers), very radioactive (to give good signals), blows up when in water, and can move itself.

Commercialized and Domesticated Use.

Can be made in a smaller form to act as a security feature in homes and businesses. For commercial use there is no Francium used for safety reasons.

Life Expectancy

50 hours when fully charged

It takes 3 hours to charge fully

By Rachel and Kayla