I am a SEAL team 6 warrior

Howard E. Wasdin

By Nick C.

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade language arts class.

Howard E. Wasdin.
Pasha team(kneeling in front,left to right)Little Big Man,Casanova,Howard,and Sourpuss

Howard Wasdin was born on November 8,1961.He is still living today.

Howard's Childhood

Howard Wasdin as a kid got beaten up almost everyday by his step-father Leon.He had no brothers or sisters.His biological father left him when he was a child.He was so scared of Leon,he ran away on purpose.

SEAL Humvee

Five unique facts

  • He was beaten up by his step dad if he did something wrong.
  • He learns how to be a sniper.
  • He helps a child who stepped on a land mine.
  • He had no brothers or sisters.
  • He became a SEAL team 6 sniper.

Family Members that were important in Howard's life.

Howard's wife,Debbie,Howard's son,Blake,Howard's daughter,Eryn,Howard's step-father,Leon,and Howard's biological father,Ben.

Significance in Howard's life

  • He was beat up as a child.
  • His biological father left him.
  • His step-father hated him.
  • Went into military.
  • Step-father,for the first time,hugged Howard.


  • Went into Navy
  • Got to be a sniper
  • Became a SEAL team 6 sniper.
  • Took down AL-Qaeda's lieutenants
Howard and his family

Howard's importance

  • High ranking military official
  • Helped take down Al-Qaeda.
  • Saved a U.S ranger.
  • Got the sliver star.
  • Became a chiropractor.


Teamwork and communication is key to life.

Words of advice

"The sooner you get started,the sooner you'll be done and you'll be happy with your occupation." I learned that the sooner you start something,the sooner you'll be done.


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