#Fintech startups on the radar by @Vegapanama

1. Pagar.me

Provides a simple way to accept payments, nothing new but for Brazil it is. Simple checkout processes and powerful API. I would say the pricing is not at all innovative and just high, but when it comes to Brazil processing, I guess is within the normal price range.

2. Armor payments

Escrow payments for b2b. Just awesome. Very focused on the $$$$$ bucks. Just refer to their pricing structure:

3. Coin.com

It doesn't gets any cooler than this. Upload all your credit cards into one device.  Pre order price: $117 with tax. One of those US only available things unfortunately.

4. Moven.com

A very nice concept. These guys have their own debit card linked to a mobile application. By doing this, they turn a normal debit card into an intelligent one that tracks all your expenditures and attempts to provide you with a "mom & dad" kind of guidance on how to watch your expenditure to avoid financial distress.

By the way, the design is superb. I really had fun in their website.

5. Zooz.com

"Zooz engine dynamically routes each transaction to the optimal acquirer according to
our proprietary algorithms, reducing decline rates and lowering transaction costs by cutting Cross-Border fees and Currency Conversion costs." (extract from their home page)

Well, I think the above statement saids it all. Smart and clever. Its like providing small and medium international e-commerce merchants with the benefits of powerful and resourceful organizations that can afford to integrate different gateways in different locations to redirect transactions to the zone related to the credit card issuer. This not only requires you to setup a complex offshore structure but you would need to develop a solid billing system. And you are right, it wouldn't be cheap and it would take a few months to complete, not to mention dealing with bugs that will break your memberships and other headaches I have already been trough when doing this (not very nice memories).

Well, its now masified and available to all out there thanks to these guys.

6. Agnitio (voice id)

Read this and freak out. Some people are smarter than others...

"AGNITiO's new authentication solutions enhance online services and mobile devices by enabling secure authentication through Voice Biometrics."(extract from their site)

I actually haven't investigated how they are able to make this happen but it definitely looks very promising. Obviously, when you read in their website the word "military" you know that this service wont be very cheap. But hey, good for those who can afford to implement it.

You are more than welcome to download their white paper.

7. Bento (for business)

The information about their service its a bit unclear not to mention they are still in Beta. But from what I have read on their website, they seem to offer a new type of credit card for businesses similar to the one at "Moven". Which bottom line, collects data of all transactions to reduce the accountant burden and time wasted crafting all those expense reports we all dislike. Great idea but I have heard a similar pitch a year ago. Obviously, the guys behind Bento are "whales". They already got a couple mills invested on this without even having a MVP out there.

Like my brother told me once: Is not that getting a Yale MBA will take you further in life. Its just that it might take you there faster. Damn you GMAT!

8. Clover

Not very sure how this got into this list but hey it looks like a palm kind of thing for payments? It has multiple functions and can accept many type of payments. Like the POS of the future? Its a bit huge though...

The cool thing, is that it has their own app ecosystem but we all know where all that could end. Hey, its worth a look anyways.

9. Davo Technologies

"DAVO was created to solve the pain points associated with the payor/payee relationship. Whether it’s a small to mid-sized merchant looking to simplify their sales & use tax payment method, a state government looking to collect sales & use tax securely, or a franchisor looking to streamline the collection of franchise royalty and advertising fees, DAVO has the solution" (extract from their home page)

Considering how easy are all things related to government institutions and paying taxes and stuff, I really don't have a clue why they came up with this idea. Got you right! You fell for that.

HONESTLY, seems like this is a real solution that will avoid many headaches out there. Luckily for me I don't deal with such things but if I had to, I would consider sending this folks an email, ASAP.

10. eThor

Another promising proposal. Enhance the power of your POS and connect it to the social media? I am all ears...

OK and what else? Facebook ordering, plugs you with your merchant account to securely accept credit cards, it offers tokenization, etc. Hmm, this is very interesting so I start looking for their prices and, guess what? There is nothing about pricing on their website. I don't know about you but to me, this is always a bit discouraging...

11. {forte}

They claim to be the last payment solution you would need but, its merely a bundled of payment options with pre loaded functions targeting many sectors. Which is cool and very neatly presented but nothing unheard. Doing this, requires a lot of muscle up from coders and creating specialized modules, kind of like having a ton of plugins available depending on your billing needs.

When you get to their pricing page you confirm its not cheap and so, all the miracle and fireworks shown at that home page start to fade away in your mind...

12. HyperWallet

This guys really did it with the naming thing. I love it. However, its not actually a wallet but a mass payment solution that looks strong as steel. With it, you can submit mass payments worldwide with an ample variety of payment delivery options.

No pricing available on their website though.

13. Currency Cloud

Another service focusing on mass payments which is actually outstanding. I don't know if you have ever been out there asking banks if they could batch some payments for your but believe it or not, I recently experienced this unpleasant experience. The final result is that I ended praying for someone out there to create this, after confirming that the odds against me for creating a similar service was of 1 in a million.

Though Currency cloud focuses on exchange advantages, its possible to submit mass wires in your same currency. Their API seems pretty robust and can help you connect your application with theirs which could be a great relief of admin burdens.

In terms of pricing they are quite straight forward and they even give you 30 days to pay!! Unheard on this times we live on.

They offer two options for payments fees. However, they do charge setup fee and charge a min monthly fee, which made me a little sad but hey, nobody is perfect!

14. Promisepay

"Buyers and sellers can carry out escrow transactions between each other simply, securely and in full compliance. PromisePay collects, holds, and releases funds for your customers on your marketplace." (extract from their website)

Simple: they are intermediaries between buyers and sellers in a market place. They seem to be securing your payment in some sort of way.

The process works in this way:

And their pricing its:

Pretty straight forward as well, but their pricing seems a bit high to me, though with many advantages. Also, a lot of risk is involved so they might be having to risk to much to give their service away for so low.

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