Motion of a Toy Car

By: Austin, Katherine, Thomas, Jennifer, and Sarah

Newton's First Law

The car was at rest until we applied a force that was unbalanced. This caused the car to go forward.

Newton's Second Law

Our toy car didn't have a large mass. This means that it didn't take a large applied force to cause it to accelerate.

Newton's Third Law

The action of pushing the toy car had a reaction of the car going forward.

The force acted upon the toy car is an applied force, which is unbalanced.

For most of the 100 meter trip, the car's speed was constant, a balanced force.

The friction slowed the toy car down which also made the force unbalanced.

Trivia Questions
1) Was the car accelerating or going at a constant speed?
2) If the car was not acted upon an unbalanced force, the car would have kept going. Which law is this related too?
3) Which force caused the car to slow down?
Bonus: What kind of toy car did we use?

1) constant speed

2) 1st law: Inertia

3) Frictional Force

Bonus: Ferrari

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