This is the sign of my life!


I chose this symbol because...

My symbol is a heart sign with all kinds of things in it.On the top corners of the heart there's an American flag that says American under it because I live in the USA. On the other top corner side it has an Italian flag and it says Italian under it it because I'm almost full Italian. My Great grandma and Great grandpa came from Italy on a boat to the USA so, Italian is a big thing in my life. Then it says my name "Alivia". The rest says what i like to do and what sports I do. I like to read,sing,do art,listen to music,and dance. The sports  I play are soccer and gymnastics.I hope that when I'm older i can do gymnastics and play soccer in the Olympics and, sing the USA anthem. Then the last thing i have is a cross with a heart in it because I'm Catholic.

Tackk it up!

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