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Want to know which penny stocks have the potential for huge gains? Penny Stock Spy is all about volume. In the world of penny stocks, you’re sure to find oodles of great, unknown companies to invest in. But there are also penny stock scams designed to bilk hard-earned cash from investors. And usually you’ll know its hit you after you’ve watched your investment evaporate into thin air.

We have been providing a list of penny stocks, penny stock alerts, awesome penny stocks review and Penny Stocks List news. We utilize the best technology and penny stock software to narrow our search. We provide an enormous amount of information for investors to perform company research, stock quotes, news and charts Investors have thousands of penny stocks to choose from, but really good ones are rare. Keep an eye out for companies that post solid earnings, have secured new contracts, have heavy insider buying, and/or are breaking out to 52-week highs on volume of at least a quarter million shares a day. One thing we always preach is that the key to any successful investment strategy is acquiring enough tangible information to make informed decisions. has proven to be the most valuable resource for new investors and more experienced investors alike. Sometimes the best investments are good penny stocks you’ve never heard of.

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