Idarose Academy of Higher Learning

Idarose Academy is committed to help students grow in wisdom and find their place in the world.

At our school, Idarose Academy, we offer the best for our pupils. Located in Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland, we have own a 70 acre land plot. It is a large 10th century castle, that has been modernized but still has that mystical feeling.

We offer a variety of classes such as:

Core Classes:


Care of Creatures


World History



Gym- Muggle Quidditch, Ballet, or Yoga

Extra Curricular Classes:


Languages- Elvish or Pig Latin

The Orchestra

Rooms in the building: Great Hall (where they eat), kitchen, chemistry classroom, Arithmetic classroom, World History classroom, Literature classroom, Astronomy classroom (in one of the towers), Dance room/Yoga room, Diverse language: Elvish or Pig Latin classroom, music room

*note: care of creatures and muggle quidditch take place on the grounds and if weather is bad is canceled and used as independent study periods.

Here at I.A., we provide a safe education to our boys and girls.  Our diverse group of seven professors, additional aids and paras, and two headmistresses of the school, are here to guide and help the students to learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Each year, the maximum of 700 students between the ages of 12 and 18, join us. Students arrive at school on September 12th, and are greeted with a welcome feast in the great hall. ***Classes for the first term begin the Monday after the welcome feast***  Winter break starts December 17. Students are welcomed to to stay over the break as long as they inform the head of house.

Our students stay in one of the following dormitories: Grande, Howell, Evertide, or Downwind. When first year students arrive, they are obligated to take a quiz to determine the dormitory you belong in.       

 If students are not able to follows the school rules, they will be given detention. If they do this continuously, they will get detention (or expelled, it depends what they have done) and will have 20 points taken from their house cup.

To keep students motivated, we have a house (dormitory) cup. Every time a student achieves something that will benefit the school and themselves, they will receive 5 points. If they do something that will harm themselves, others, or the property of the school, they will have points taken away. At the end of the year, the house with the most points wins the house cup and the entire school has to wear their colors for a week.

At the end of the year, exams are given for their final grades. If they are doing poorly, they may ask a teacher for help also there are numerous opportunities to gain extra credit.

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