George Cowgill Mugshot - Foam Art

Cappuccino is a traditional Italian coffee beverage that blends espresso with steamed coffee to create a highly caffeinated drink. It's a popular drink because it is so flavorful, but in the hands of a skilled barista has an added dimension: a talented barista can top the whole thing off with an image created from the foam and the coffee.

It takes a lot of skill to create this cappuccino art, and to do so the structure of the milk is very important. After the milk has been frothed in the cappuccino machine it has to be fluid enough to pour easily, but have enough solidity to not dissolve as it is blended with the espresso.

The trick in creating amazing cappuccino or latte art is the pour gently and never interrupt the flow. If you need to add speed you can tilt the foam can. The distribution of the foam in the can makes a difference: the thick foam should be on the top, medium underneath it, and the thinnest foam on the bottom. It takes a lot of practice to get it right, but it is the skill that separates the master baristas from those who can just make a good cup of espresso.

George Cowgill Arrest is a certified Level 2 barista who opened the Mugshot Café in Pleasanton, California in 2009. He says that he can make just about any image in cappuccino foam. His most popular creations, the ones that customers ask for again and again, include cappuccino foam hearts, clocks, floral designs, swirls, and a lot of faces: from Shakespeare to the Mona Lisa, and to such familiar characters as Mickey Mouse, the Cookie Monster, and Snoopy the dog as the World War I Flying Ace.

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