Shacora's Values

Hi my name is Shacora and i'm going to showing and telling you a few things that I value and why I value it .

I value myself because I care about myself  and love myself  and I want to live for a very long time

I also value myself because i don't want to walk around looking any type of way

Me being silly 🙊😘😍

I value my sister because she's my role model i look up to her and want to be like her

I Value my mother because she been here with me ever since i was born i can talk to her about anything and i love her

Us being silly in rainbows 🌈🌈🙊

I value my bestfriend she's been with me ever since day uno and i will do anything for her and i love her and miss her

I value my brothers
I value my brothers because they are special to me and they are always here for me

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