Lovely Timber. My beautiful lovely dog. :D. She is a yorkshire. She is a very great model and pouses very well. She loves to play with her BFF. Ke$ha. That is the name of her BFF.

Under the Dome on fox. One of the most popular series in the . No copies made please.

Under the dome is one of the most popular series made in the usa. It is about a mysterious village that is unexpectedly trapped under a dome. With desperate for freedom they must find a way out before they ran out of goods and supplies.

Stand Up and tell someone. Bully is not acceptable anywhere in the world. It can cause someone to suicide. So if you see some acts better tell someone right now. Cyberbully is also not acceptable neither physical bully. Sticks and stones may brake my bones but the words will never hurt me.

Barcelona lost against Real Madrid by 3-1. It was a great victory for Real Madrid. You may ask yourself what team I go. Well I go for Real Madrid. Don't just judge me but we have Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, etc. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have very good players but still I will just go for Real Madrid.

game of the year editi

One of the most pop games in the zombie history. It is a game of the year editiion. Left 4 dead avaible now!

Boo the world's cutest dog

Boo is recognize for being the world's cutest and fluffiest dog in the world. He has his very own book and he signs autographs with ink. He is verry cutie. he just went to Brazil to see the world cup. Alot of people went to see him painted as USA.

A haunted house 2. A very good movie. you will have alot with annabelle and with the Big man. A haunted house 2 is a very good movie. I loved it. Especially  it is about laugh with teenagers. You will love it if you are ages 13 up!

My uncle teach me this very old game from mario in his old console from 1998. It is very good. I prefer the ones from today . You know the moderns.I prefer them because you can do more stuff. You may also fly and play with Luigi or the princess Peach.

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