National Sculpture Garden
The National Sculpture Garden Do you like exploring? Well I hope you do because I’m your tour guide through the National Sculpture Garden!!! On your way you’ll see sculpture’s fountains and learn many things. So what are you waiting for let’s start!!! Did you know that the Sculpture Garden has over 500 sculptures’ the garden was built May 23rd, 1999. The designer of the garden was Laurie D. Olin, there first sculpture is called “The Dendroid” it is 45 feet tall and it is 16,000 pounds at estimate! Also if you look at some sculptures closely you can actually feel the thing that the sculpture is trying to tell you. For instance the sculpture “Type Writer Eraser Scale X” reminds us about not rubbing out mistakes. This garden was given to the nation by Gwendolyn and Morris Catfritz. Also the sculpture garden has ice skating rings, pools, and fountains. Also the National Sculpture garden is located on the National Mall. So now you know all about The National Sculpture Garden.

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