By: Elizabeth Hudson

Definition: The imperious strength of some one harassing another


  •           1)           The bully is trying to get power from the victim.

         2)             One way to get rid of a bully is to not show emotion.                                   3)                   The bully probably was picked on in the past.

        4)                        That it is hard to be picked on and that it can be hard to                                                             recover from this type of harassment.                                         5)  That the kids are treated different, and that are picked on.

             Bullying is a big problem in the US. Bullying is hurtful and difficult to predict.The victim can be isolation, And is losing the things they need at school but, bullying doesn't always happen at school, it can happen any where at the house, in the yard,even siblings can bully.

             No one wants to be the victim so after they are bullied they go into isolation.The victim's grades can go down until they fail the grade they are in. The symptoms of bullying are, isolation, loneliness, And the feeling of being left out.

             Seven Pines Elementary School got on the news To stop the rain of bullying the kids in the picture are all the students of the school sitting in a bus loop at the school. The kids say No to bullying.at Seven Pines Elementary. Some of the kids in this school where in the picture, I was in there too.It is important to know that bullying is hard to stop. Bullying is like a virus that can't be stopped.    


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