iPhone Assignment
Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

Created by Miss Hodgson

I have decided to create Harry Potter's iPhone for the assignment. In this book, Harry Potter has just realized that he is a wizard, and has to cope with the reality of being a wizard, while trying to negotiate with the idea that everyone sees him as a hero.

I believe that it is important for Harry to have Hogwarts as his image on the background of his phone. This is because he sees Hogwarts as the only home that he has, and it is a place that makes him happy.

On Harry's homepage, he would have the apps that are seen above.

Messenger: The app Harry uses to text Hermione, Ron and Hagrid.

Camera: The app that takes pictures in the wizarding world.

The Maps of Hogwarts: To help Harry and his friends get around Hogwards and navigate the many moving staircases and rooms.

Quill and Scroll: How Harry takes notes on his iPhone.

Diagon Alley Online: In case Harry runs out of school supplies or wants to buy a book while he is at Hogwarts.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: To help Harry try to understand what weird beast Hagrid is in love with.

iHogwarts: Where teachers can communicate with students and post marks and homework assignments. This app also shows which house has the most points.

Spell Bound- A Guide to Spells: Explained more below, this app is an encyclopedia for all legal and known wizard spells.

Potions App: To help Harry in Potions class with Professor Snape.

Wizard Chess: Explained more below, this app is a game that Harry uses to play Wizard Chess against Ron.

Platform 9 3/4: The wizarding world's version of Facebook.

MuggleNet: To keep Harry connected with Muggle news and the Muggle world.

Howler: The wizarding world's phone.

Owl Post: The online e-mail platform.

Wrock: The music platform on wizard's iPhones.

Apps on Harry Potter's iPhone

Spell Bound is an app that is free to all students in Hogwarts. Harry would have this app on his iPhone because it would help him discover different spells he will be learning about during his school time at Hogwarts. Because Harry was brought up in the Muggle world, he has no idea about any spells or other magical things he will be learning about. This app will help Harry learn about different spells and how to perform them.

Harry would also have the Wizard Chess app on his phone. Harry would use this app to play wizard chess against his best friend, Ron Weasley. This app would be free, because it is a very common game within the wizarding world, and there is no way that Ron would be able to afford iPhone apps.

Harry and Ron's Text Message Conversation

This is a text message conversation between Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Ron and Harry would always be planning how and when to spend time together, and would constantly having a conversation going. I think that it is important that they snap at each other and tease each other, because it shows that they are very comfortable with each other and shows that they are really good friends.

Music on Harry's iPhone

The kind of music that Harry would listen to at this time would be very limited. While he was living at Privet Drive, he would have very limited access to music, and would only hear things through the radio or what the Dursleys wanted to listen to. Therefore, Harry's choices would be limited to more popular or "acceptable" music. At this time, Harry probably did not know a lot about Wizard Rock (called "Wrock").

Song one: Falling Slowly by Once (or the Swell Season).

This song is a very interesting song, and it is beautiful and simple. This song speaks to expressing love but being lonely in love. This can be seen in lines like "I don't know you / But I want you / All the more for that". I believe that this speaks to the way that Harry feels about his parents. This is because he feels that he has no connection to his parents, and can only remember seeing a flash of green light. As well, this song was released in 2006 and was the song for the movie "Once", which went on to win an Academy Award for Best Orignal Song.

Song two: Home by Phillip Phillips

This song would be a great source of comfort to Harry, as he is figuring out the events that created his celebrity. This can be seen in a lot of lyrics; "Settle down, it'll all be clear / Don't pay no mind to the demons / They fill you with fear / The trouble it might drag you down / If you get lost, you can always be found / Just know you're not alone / Cause I'm gonna make this place your home". This exemplifies a lot of what Harry is feeling, because it talks about being comfortable in Hogwarts and knowing that he can try to ignore the demons while he is there. This is also one of the most popular songs on the radio these days, and has been used in commercials. Harry would be quite familiar with it.

Song three: You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins

This song personifies the longing that Harry feels for his parents when he is looking at the Mirror of Erised. The lyrics "Come stop your crying / It will be alright / Just take my hand / Hold it tight/ I will protect you / From all around you / I will be here / Don't you cry" really show how Harry is feeling about his parents.

This song has been popular on many different radio stations for a very long time. This song was the theme song in Disney's Tarzan, and Harry would have heard different versions of it just by being around Muggles.